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Implant Configurations for Fixed Dental Prostheses

Sven Mühlemann

The clinician practicing implant dentistry is confronted with different clinical situations, ranging from a single missing tooth, to an edentulous space with several missing teeth, to complete edentulous ridges.

Once a thorough treatment plan is established, different design configurations may be possible for implant-supported prostheses. Each prosthesis design has its advantages and disadvantages.

The prosthesis design must be based on the clinical condition to ensure that the appropriate number of implants are placed in the correct prosthetic positions using implants with appropriate dimensions.

After completing this ITI Academy Module, you should be able to recognize the design configurations for fixed implant restorations in...

  • single-tooth spaces
  • short edentulous spaces
  • extended edentulous spaces
  • edentulous ridges
Charlotte Stilwell , Stephen T Chen
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Implant Configurations for Fixed Dental Prostheses
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