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Asia ITI Region Campus
ITI Curriculum AB Shetty Mangalore 2019
ITI Curriculum, Foundation Level - Inspire Dental 2019
ITI Rangoonwala Dental Implantology Curriculum
Australasia ITI Section Campus
Principles of Implant Dentistry 2019
Foundation Level Implant Modular Course / ITI Curriculum 2019
ADA NSW CPD and ITI Collaboration: This foundation level program is intended for dental practitioners wishing to develop their theoretical knowledge and practical clinical experience in the treatment planning, surgical placement, restoration and maintenance of dental implants.
Principles of Surgical Implant Dentistry 2018
This "Master class" program in Surgical Implant Dentistry will be held over seven modules throughout the year.
ITI Education Week Melbourne 2019
Current Perspectives in Implant Dentistry
France ITI Section Campus
Campus ITI Val de Loire, Start January 2019
Campus ITI Val de Loire, Start Avril 2019
Germany ITI Section Campus
Das ITI Curriculum - 4: Start November 2018
Modulare evidenzbasierte Fortbildung in oraler Implantologie
Das ITI Curriculum - 3: Start November 2017
Modulare evidenzbasierte Fortbildung in oraler Implantologie
ITI Biomaterial Taskforce
ITI Fellow Classroom Germany
Knowledge is key - Literature Updates
Greece & Cyprus ITI Section Campus
ITI Curriculum Section Greece & Cyprus 2019
Italy ITI Section Campus
ITI Curriculum, Foundation Level - George Eastman Rome 2019
Southern Africa ITI Section Campus
ITI Congress Southern Africa 2019
Dentistry of Things - Cape Town, South Africa, July 25-27, 2019
Switzerland ITI Section Campus
Master Course in GBR and Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures - Bern 2019
This interactive 3-day CE course presents biological basis for current surgical procedures and the criteria for the selection of appropriate biomaterials. State-of-the-art 3D analysis of implant patients with anatomic borderline situations using CBCT, and the subsequent different surgical techniques will be presented and discussed in various lectures, live surgeries and hands-on workshops.
Buser Symposium - Esthetic Implant Dentistry in Partially Edentulous Patients
Bern, Switzerland - May 23, 2019
Master Course for the Management of Esthetic Implant Failures - Bern 2019
An interactive 3-day course with live surgeries: This 3-day CE course will present the treatment concepts on management of esthetic disaster cases, including removal of osseointegrated implants, correction of missing keratinized mucosa, and retreatment with implant supported prostheses. Bernese Implant Protocols, from a surgical and prosthetic aspects, will demonstrate how to prevent esthetic implant complications. Along the lectures, live surgeries will demonstrate important steps of therapy in various clinical situations.
UK & Ireland ITI Section Campus
Foundation in Implant Dentistry / ITI Curriculum 2019
ITI Education Centre, Crawley
USA ITI Section Campus
ITI Education Week Boston 2019
Comprehensive Implant Dentistry: From Treatment Plan to Clinical Implementation - June 10-14, 2019
Women's Implantology Network
Women's Implantology Network
WIN is a global network of dental professionals committed to inspiring and engaging more women in implant dentistry. WIN wants to build a strong community of women who are active and successful in implant dentistry. This network connects female dental professionals at local, national and international levels.