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Australasia ITI Section Campus
ITI Education Week Melbourne 2017
Current Perspectives in Implant Dentistry
Principles of Implant Dentistry
In this course, implant education for both the surgical and restorative phases of treatment will be carried out in a generic manner, that is, to discuss issues central to implant dentistry rather than over-emphasising system-specific issues. This course has been organised to provide information relevant to more experienced practitioners and also is to encompass issues related to maintenance and dealing with implant dentistry complications. Central to this course is the emphasis on appropriate treatment planning to ensure clinical success in this ever expanding field.
Principles of Surgical Implant Dentistry 2017
This "Master class" program in Surgical Implant Dentistry will be held over seven modules throughout the year.
Foundation Level Implant Modular Course
This foundation level program is intended for dental practitioners wishing to develop their theoretical knowledge and practical clinical experience in the treatment planning, surgical placement, restoration and maintenance of dental implants. Knowledge is developed using distance learning modules and study days with hands-on components. This course is a clinical, multi-system, dental implant course which will enable the participants to make an informed evidence-based decisions in their day to day dental implant practice and will train participants to understand the surgical and restore phases of dental implants therapy. The modules consist of blended online learning platform based on an internationally recognised curriculum, live lectures to consolidate the online materials and hands-on practical component. The importance of the restorative dentist and a restoratively driven treatment plan in dental implant therapy is emphasised.
China ITI Section Campus
The Hong Kong ITI Education Week
Comprehensive Care with Dental Implants - August 13 - 18, 2017
Germany ITI Section Campus
Das ITI Curriculum - 3: Start November 2017
Modulare evidenzbasierte Fortbildung in oraler Implantologie
Das ITI Curriculum - 2: Start November 2016
Modulare evidenzbasierte Fortbildung in oraler Implantologie.
ITI Fellow Classroom Germany
Knowledge is key - Literature Updates
Switzerland ITI Section Campus
Master Course for the Management of Esthetic Implant Failures
This 3-day CE course will first present the treatment concepts how to deal with esthetic disaster cases, how to remove osseointegrated implants, how to correct missing keratinized mucosa, and how to retreat these patients with implant therapy. On the third day, the Bernese surgical and prosthetic concepts will be presented how to prevent esthetic implant complications. Besides more than 15 lectures, 5 to 6 live surgeries will be shown to document important steps of therapy using an outstanding audio visual imaging technique. February 28 - March 02, 2018.
UK & Ireland ITI Section Campus
Foundation in Implant Dentistry 2017
ITI Education Centre, Crawley
Foundation in Implant Dentistry 2018
ITI Education Centre, Crawley
USA ITI Section Campus
ITI Education Week Boston 2017
Comprehensive Implant Dentistry: From Treatment Plan to Clinical Implementation