This tool and the corresponding book "The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry" documents the proceedings of the SAC Consensus Conference held by the International Team for Implantology (ITI) in March 2007. The following individuals contributed to the consensus statements of the conference, the book publication and the assessment tool:

U. Belser, D. Botticelli, D. Buser, S. Chen, L. Cordaro, A. Dawson, A. Dickinson, J. G. Fabrega, A. Feloutzis, K. Fischer, C. Hämmerle, T. Head, F. Higginbottom, H. Iplikcioglu, A. Januário, S. Jensen, H. Katsuyama, C. Krenkel, R. Leesungbok, W. Martin, L. Heitz-Mayfield, D. Morton, H. Rebelo, P. Rousseau, B. Schmid, H. Terheyden, A. Watkinson, D. Wismeijer.