The SAC Classification assumes that appropriate training, preparation and care are devoted to the planning and implementation of treatment plans. No classification can adequately address cases or outcomes that deviate significantly from the norm. In addition, it is assumed that clinicians will be practicing within the bounds of their clinical competence and abilities. Thus, within each classification, the following general and specific assumptions are implied:


  • Treatment will be provided in an appropriately equipped operatory with an appropriate aseptic technique.
  • Adequate clinical and laboratory support is available.
  • Recommended protocols are followed.


  • Patients' medical conditions are not compromised or are appropriately addressed.
  • Patients have realistic expectations with respect to the outcomes of their treatment.


  • The type, dimensions and number of implants to be placed are appropriate for the site(s).
  • The implants are correctly positioned and adequately spaced.
  • Restorative materials that are used are appropriate to the task.

This SAC Assessment Tool provides normative feedback. In this context, "normative" relates to the classification that conforms to the norm, or standard, for a given clinical situation in implant dentistry and thus to the most likely classification of a case. The normative classification may alter as a result of modifying factors and/or complications.