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ITI Online Academy News: February Update

Are you unsure which FDP design and material will best fit the needs of your patient? Our new Learning Module and Learning Pathways provide the core knowledge you need. Or are you ready to go beyond the mere replacement of missing teeth with implants? Our ITI lecturers show you how to enhance peri-implant soft tissue for esthetic success. To find out what else is new on the ITI Online Academy, just read on.

New Learning Pathways

Implant therapy is driven by the prosthodontic needs of the patient…including esthetics, function, and strength. Design Principles for FDPs will help you to make sound decisions on FDP configuration, retention, and structure to fulfill these needs and achieve optimal results for your patient. A Learning Module examines each of these design points in a logical manner; this information is supported by ITI Consensus Statements on retention methods as well as clinical examples of various prosthetic designs.

There is an increasing choice of materials available for final implant prostheses, and selecting from among them can be a bewildering process. Restorative Materials is a Learning Pathway that discusses the available options along with their respective indications, advantages, and disadvantages. A Learning Module and ITI Consensus Statements are reinforced by clinical examples of single tooth, short span, and extended span prostheses.

New Learning Module

There are a number of aspects that are common to the design of most FDPs. Our latest Learning Module Design Principles for FDPs arranges these points into a logical sequence in sync with the patient's prosthodontic planning:

  • FDP type and configuration
  • retention method
  • external aspects
  • internal structure

Numerous illustrations and clear clinical images illustrate the concepts presented in this module. As always, the accompanying Assessment lets you test your knowledge before and/or after viewing the module.

New Congress Lectures

The esthetic outcome of implant therapy is strongly correlated with peri-implant soft tissue thickness and contours. Three new lectures will help you to choose the right soft tissue procedure at the right time:

In Oral Plastic Surgery: Smile Design and Surgical Concepts Eduardo Lorenzana presents his approach to soft tissue modifications for uncompromised implant esthetics. This presentation reviews connective tissue surgical procedures and also includes step-by-step-videos that demonstrate minimally invasive techniques.

Surgical Enhancement of the Soft Tissue Profile is another lecture from the same presenter on a variety of techniques to modify the overall gingival display, optimize soft tissue quantity and quality, and ultimately achieve the illusion of natural teeth.

In Biological Basics in Soft Tissue Management Johannes Kleinheinz presents key points that will help you to make informed decisions about flap design and mobilization, soft tissue replacement, and wound closure when performing periodontal plastic surgery. Biologically based strategies for the management of complications are also covered.

Free Item of the Month for ITI Members

The choice of the most suitable time to connect a prosthesis to an implant is an important clinical decision. This month's free content, the Learning Module Loading Protocols, will help you to select between immediate, early, and conventional loading according to different clinical situations.

You can access this Learning Module from the ‘New & Featured' page of the ITI Online Academy until the next issue of the Online Academy News.


ITI Online Academy - An Overview
Watch the Congress Lecture below to get useful information about the principles and features of the ITI Online Academy, the ITI's latest and most innovative education project to date:
ITI President David Cochran and Online Academy Senior Editor Charlotte Stilwell introduce you to our groundbreaking new education offer - a key part of the ITI's vision to become the globally leading academic provider of evidence-based education in implant dentistry.
They show how the Online Academy is the digital evolution of the Treatment Guide concept by combining didactic knowledge with practical examples. They also demonstrate the many free services available - underpinning ITI's goal of dissemination of knowledge, and show how the Online Academy is both an interactive format and an intelligent tool that partners with you to maximize your gains in knowledge and skills.
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