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ITI Online Academy News: April Update

Is a new patient on your schedule? Learn our systematic approach to patient assessment. Are you confused by the plethora of ceramic systems on the market today? A new Learning Module will provide you with a clear understanding of their physical and esthetic properties. To find out what else is new on the ITI Online Academy, just read on.

New Learning Pathways

A thorough assessment is the foundation of an appropriate treatment plan. Our new Learning Pathways look at two equally important components of patient assessment.

Good clinical outcomes depend on accurate diagnosis, and an accurate diagnosis is based on comprehensive and complete information. Patient History explores the steps of obtaining a detailed history (or anamnesis). This Learning Pathway consists of a Learning Module plus patient cases in which important, relevant information was gleaned from the patient's anamnesis.

The other part of systematic patient assessment is the Clinical Examination. This Learning Pathway divides the examination into three levels - extraoral, intraoral, and treatment site-specific - and includes a Learning Module dedicated to each. Three patient cases offer examples of relevant clinical examination findings.

New Learning Module

Today's implant dentist makes daily decisions about which ceramic material to use for an optimal outcome - which can be a challenging task. There is no shortage of materials currently available on the market, and all provide esthetic and functional success in varying degrees.

Ceramic Materials for Implant Prostheses will provide you with an understanding of the material characteristics that impact on esthetics and strength. This Learning Module will also help you to apply this information to different clinical situations and desired outcomes.

Gain confidence in choosing the most appropriate prosthodontic material for each of your cases with Ceramic Materials for Implant Prostheses; as always, you can take the Assessment to test your knowledge before and/or after viewing the module.

New Congress Lectures

In Digital Aspects of Bone Augmentation Oliver Blume shares 5 years of experience using CAD/CAM-customized bone blocks for augmentation procedures. His truly digital workflow allows the clinician to visualize bone defects and to accurately reproduce the missing bone using digital data.

Ali Tahmaseb explores the latest Digital Surgical Planning tools - from intraoral scanners to motion capture technology - and discusses the critical role they play in treating complex cases. Future developments on the horizon are also covered.

In Management of Esthetic Implant Complications Eduardo Lorenzana demonstrates his interdisciplinary approach to unexpected outcomes. Clinical cases in this lecture include: compromised 3D implant position corrected by orthodontics, implant removal, and crown lengthening; lack of keratinized gingiva requiring a free gingival graft; and treatment of titanium-tattooed gingiva.

New Clinical Case

Replacement of an Upper Right Central Incisor with a Root Fracture in a patient with thin, highly scalloped tissue can be an esthetic challenge, but an early implant placement protocol combined with simultaneous guided bone regeneration led to stable long-term results in this clinical case. A veneered zirconia crown was used to successfully mask the color of the titanium Variobase abutment.

Free Item of the Month for ITI Members

An understanding of facial anatomy is essential to the implant surgeon. This month's free content, Anatomy with Relevance to Implant Surgery, a Learning Module from Vivianne Chappuis, provides an overview of the important facial structures involved in implant dentistry.

You can access this free item from the ‘New & Featured' page of the ITI Online Academy until the next issue of the Online Academy News.

ITI Online Academy - An Overview
Watch the Congress Lecture below to get useful information about the principles and features of the ITI Online Academy, the ITI's latest and most innovative education project to date:
ITI President David Cochran and Online Academy Senior Editor Charlotte Stilwell introduce you to our groundbreaking new education offer - a key part of the ITI's vision to become the globally leading academic provider of evidence-based education in implant dentistry.
They show how the Online Academy is the digital evolution of the Treatment Guide concept by combining didactic knowledge with practical examples. They also demonstrate the many free services available - underpinning ITI's goal of dissemination of knowledge, and show how the Online Academy is both an interactive format and an intelligent tool that partners with you to maximize your gains in knowledge and skills.
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