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ITI Online Academy News: December Update


New ITI Consensus Statements

The Consensus Statements can be found in the ITI Online Academy's Consensus Database and are freely accessible for everyone, including non-members. The statements from this year's ITI Consensus Conference are shown below, sorted by principal topic. Each item consists of a preamble, the Consensus Statements, clinical recommendations, and the review paper in its entirety (which is free to download).

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The Influence of Implant Length and Design and Medications on Clinical and Patient-Reported Outcomes

Survival Rates of Short Dental Implants (≤6 mm) Compared with Implants Longer than 6 mm in Posterior Jaw Areas

Narrow-Diameter Implants

Systematic Review of Clinical and Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Oral Rehabilitation on Dental Implants with a Tapered Compared to a Non-Tapered Implant Design

Medication-Related Dental Implant Failure


Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry

Clinical Performance of Intentionally Tilted Implants Versus Axially Positioned Implants

Implant Placement and Loading Protocols

Performance and Outcome of Zirconia Dental Implants

Number of Implants Placed for Complete-Arch Fixed Prostheses

Survival and Complication Rates of Zirconia-Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Multiple-Unit FDPs

Survival and Complication Rates of Zirconia-Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Single Implant-Supported Crowns


Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Associated with Implant Dentistry

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Focusing on Aesthetics of Implant- and Tooth-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures of Edentulous Patients Restored with Implant-Supported Removable and Fixed Prostheses

Immediate Loading vs. Early/Conventional Loading of Immediately Placed Implants in Partially Edentulous Patients from the Patients' Perspective


Risks and Biologic Complications Associated with Implant Dentistry

Diagnosis of Peri-Implantitis: A Systematic Review on the Predictive Value of Bleeding on Probing

Long-Term Biological Complications of Dental Implants Placed Either in Pristine or in Augmented Sites

Effect of Advanced Age and/or Systemic Medical Conditions on Dental Implant Survival

Outcomes of Peri-Implantitis Treatment Followed by Supportive Care


Digital Technologies

Static Computer-Aided Implant Surgery (s-CAIS) Analysing Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), Economics, and Complications

Accuracy of Different Dental Impression Techniques for Implant-Supported Dental Prostheses

Accuracy of Linear Measurements on CBCT Images Related to Presurgical Implant Treatment Planning

Accuracy of Static Computer-Aided Implant Surgery


Free Item of the Month for ITI Members

The success of implant therapy in the esthetic zone depends on harmonious integration of the prosthesis into the surrounding dentition. Principles of Evaluating Esthetic Outcomes, a Learning Module from Charlotte Stilwell, will help you to assess and discuss esthetic outcomes, compromise, and complications with your patients.


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ITI Online Academy - An Overview
Watch the Congress Lecture below to get useful information about the principles and features of the ITI Online Academy, the ITI's latest and most innovative education project to date:
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