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ITI Online Academy News: August Update

Are you interested in learning how digital planning can improve the accuracy of implant placement? Or would you like to compare outcomes for various esthetic materials? These topics are covered in our newly released Learning Module and recorded lectures. To find out what else is new on the ITI Online Academy, just read on.

New Learning Pathway
Radiographic and surgical templates assist confirmation of the correct 3D implant position - an important role in a prosthodontically determined approach to implant therapy. Radiographic and Surgical Templates is a new Learning Pathway that covers indications for templates as well as the design and construction of different template types.

This Learning Pathway comprises a Learning Module, three Lectures, a Consensus Statement, and a variety of Clinical Case examples that demonstrate the value of templates for the implant treatment outcome.

New Learning Module
Digital technologies now available in the field of implant dentistry have significantly improved patient assessment and treatment planning, allowing clinicians to position implants with a high degree of accuracy. Principles of Computer-Aided Implant Planning is a new Learning Module on the routine use of computer-based planning and its role in prosthodontically driven implant placement.

Viewers of this module will also learn different digital planning protocols as well as the limitations of computer-based planning. The Assessment can be taken at any time to test your knowledge.

New Congress Lectures
At its core, implant dentistry requires a team approach, and a key member of that team is the dental laboratory technician. Two lectures from Vincent Fehmer provide a Master Dental Technician's insight on delivering a predictable and esthetic result:

Choice of Reconstructive Material in Times of CAD/CAM presents concepts for choosing the type, material, and method of fabrication for a highly esthetic outcome at a time when selection of an ‘ideal' material is becoming more and more complex.

Management of White and Pink Esthetics includes a series of full-arch clinical cases restored using various materials (from acrylic to fully ceramic). This lecture also covers the management of complications such as chipping and fracture.

Treatment Planning in Patients with Congenital Missing Teeth from Simon Storgård Jensen is a brief but comprehensive discussion of treatment alternatives. Far from being a rare disorder, this condition affects 7% to 8% of the population. Considerations for implant placement such as space requirement, need for local bone augmentation, and timing of implant placement are discussed.

In Management of Esthetic Implant Failures - Surgical Aspects Daniel Buser demonstrates the reverse-torque removal of incorrectly placed implants as well as subsequent bone augmentation. This lecture also focuses on avoiding such problems from the outset through proper diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment execution.

ITI Online Academy - An Overview
Watch the Congress Lecture below to get useful information about the principles and features of the ITI Online Academy, the ITI's latest and most innovative education project to date:
ITI President David Cochran and Online Academy Senior Editor Charlotte Stilwell introduce you to our groundbreaking new education offer - a key part of the ITI's vision to become the globally leading academic provider of evidence-based education in implant dentistry.
They show how the Online Academy is the digital evolution of the Treatment Guide concept by combining didactic knowledge with practical examples. They also demonstrate the many free services available - underpinning ITI's goal of dissemination of knowledge, and show how the Online Academy is both an interactive format and an intelligent tool that partners with you to maximize your gains in knowledge and skills.
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