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ITI Online Academy News: June Update


New Learning Module

Replacing missing teeth in the atrophic posterior maxilla with dental implants presents unique challenges. Sinus elevation is a procedure that compensates for inadequate bone height in this region. Simon Storgård Jensen gives an overview of this procedure in Principles of Sinus Floor Elevation, which covers:

  • criteria for proper patient selection
  • radiographic techniques for sinus imaging
  • principles of treatment planning for SFE cases
  • surgical techniques for SFE

This Learning Module and Assessment are ideal for anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge, scope of practice, and clinical skills.


Newly Revised Learning Pathway

This updated Learning Pathway explores Early Implant Placement with soft tissue healing and/or partial bone healing (Type 2 and Type 3). This Pathway now features two case examples in the esthetic zone, two additional lectures by Stephen Chen and Will Martin, and the latest clinical recommendations from the 2018 6th ITI Consensus Conference.

You'll learn:

  • advantages and disadvantages of the Type 2 and 3 time points
  • advantages of minimally traumatic extraction techniques
  • how to employ the Esthetic Risk Assessment
  • guided bone regeneration (GBR) used in conjunction with early placement


New Lecture Recordings

Ibrahim Nasseh's Cone Beam CT in Implant Dentistry: Basics and Beyond reviews the evolution of this technology over the past 20 years as well as its limitations so that you can use it appropriately and get the most out of your investment in CBCT technology.

Regenerative dentistry - regrowing a missing tooth - is the so-called holy grail of current dental research. Paul Sharpe's update on Tooth Regeneration and Repair from the 2017 World Symposium outlines the possibilities and the obstacles being faced in tooth tissue engineering.

Complex procedures such as mandibular reconstructions using fibula grafts have much to gain from digital planning and computer-guided surgery. In Benefits and Pitfalls of Digital/Guided Surgery Nova Gibson shows how digital workflows lead to more accurate reconstructions.


Free Item of the Month for ITI Members

Our free content for June is part of our newly revised Learning Pathway: Timing of Implant Placement after Tooth Extraction by ITI President Stephen Chen. Learn the pros and cons of each time point as well as how to select the time point most appropriate for a given case in order to maximize long-term clinical success.

This module is available to you at no charge until the beginning of July.

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