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ITI Online Academy News: June Update


New Learning Pathway

Implants that provide all or part of the prosthodontic platform are referred to as one-piece or tissue level implants, while implants in which the prosthodontic platform is provided by a separate abutment are called two-piece or bone level implants. Two new Learning Pathways - One-Piece Implants and Two-Piece Implants - look at these distinct designs in detail and offer examples of their use in different clinical indications.

Each Pathway includes two Learning Modules and a variety of cases, and upon completion you'll be able to compare and contrast the advantages and limitations of each design against the other.

New Learning Module

Many patients that enter a dental office seeking implant treatment will be taking one or more medications. These drugs - or the diseases that they are being used to treat - can have a direct or indirect impact on implant therapy.

Introduction to Pharmacology is a Learning Module by Stephen Barter that reviews basic pharmacology concepts, including:

  • multimorbidity and polypharmacy
  • adverse drug reactions and adverse drug events
  • commonly encountered drugs in dental practice

This Learning Module and its Assessment are designed to help you gain essential knowledge in pharmacology in order to better serve your patients, especially those with complex medical histories.

New Congress Lectures

The world's older population is growing dramatically, and inevitably dentists will be providing care for more and more older patients. In Treating Elderly Implant Patients Stephen Barter and Frauke Müller describe the specific challenges practitioners encounter when treating geriatric patients with implants. Prosthetic principles for elderly patients are also discussed.

The treatment of periodontally compromised patients is Mario Roccuzzo's focus in Lifelong Maintenance of Dental Implants. He shares his preferred strategies to enhance long-term implant results in this patient population, from augmentation procedures to supportive periodontal therapy programs.

New Clinical Case

Tooth replacement in the esthetic zone becomes even more challenging in the presence of a thin gingival phenotype, thin or missing buccal bone, and a high smile line. Replacement of a Perforated Upper Left Central Incisor is a newly added case from Alessandro Januário and Wagner Duarte that is an excellent example of high esthetic risk. These two well-regarded clinicians address these challenges with a staged connective tissue graft, early placement of a bone level implant, and simultaneous bone augmentation.

Free Item of the Month for ITI Members

Optimal esthetic results depend on highly accurate positioning of the supporting implants. Templates play a key role in achieving precise 3D implant placement. June's free item is Radiographic and Surgical Templates, a Learning Module from Nicola Zitzmann and Sebastian Kühl that describes the routine use of templates in implant therapy.


You can access this free item from the ‘New & Featured' page of the ITI Online Academy until the next issue of the Online Academy News.

ITI Online Academy - An Overview
Watch the Congress Lecture below to get useful information about the principles and features of the ITI Online Academy, the ITI's latest and most innovative education project to date:
ITI President David Cochran and Online Academy Senior Editor Charlotte Stilwell introduce you to our groundbreaking new education offer - a key part of the ITI's vision to become the globally leading academic provider of evidence-based education in implant dentistry.
They show how the Online Academy is the digital evolution of the Treatment Guide concept by combining didactic knowledge with practical examples. They also demonstrate the many free services available - underpinning ITI's goal of dissemination of knowledge, and show how the Online Academy is both an interactive format and an intelligent tool that partners with you to maximize your gains in knowledge and skills.
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One-Piece Implants
ITI Online Academy
Two-Piece Implants
ITI Online Academy
Introduction to Pharmacology
Learning Module
Stephen Barter
Treating Elderly Implant Patients
Congress Lecture
Frauke Müller, Stephen Barter
Lifelong Maintenance of Dental Implants
Congress Lecture
Mario Roccuzzo
Replacement of a Perforated Upper Left Central Incisor: Early Placement of an RC Bone Lev…
Clinical Case
Alessandro Lourenço Januário, Wagner Rodrigues Duarte