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ITI Online Academy News: June Update

Do your partially edentulous patients struggle with denture retention and stability? We combine didactic information with practical examples to help you increase satisfaction and quality of life for these patients. Do you know how to distinguish an esthetic complication from an esthetic compromise? Our new Learning Module has the answers. To find out what else is new on the ITI Online Academy, just read on.

New Learning Pathway
Strategic use of implants in combination with partial removable dental prostheses (RDPs) is a simple, economical, but very effective means of enhancing denture performance and increasing patient satisfaction. The new Learning Pathway Removable Partial Dental Prostheses explores this use of implants through a Learning Module, a Lecture, and a Clinical Case example. You'll learn indications for this attractive treatment option as well as recommended implant positions, and you'll become familiar with superstructure options such as retentive stud attachments and functional single crowns.

New Learning Module
In the past, the success of dental implant therapy has mainly been described in terms of osseointegration and implant survival; however, nowadays implant success is judged equally - if not more so - by the esthetic results. The new Learning Module Principles of Evaluating Esthetic Outcomes is aimed at assisting clinicians with evaluation and discussion of these outcomes with their patients.This knowledge can also help to guide the planning of implant therapy. In addition to viewing the module, take the free Assessment to determine your understanding of esthetic Outcomes.

New Congress Lectures
The 2017 ITI World Symposium in Basel, Switzerland was the largest international implant congress ever held, with a scientific program of practically oriented lectures on ‘Key factors for long-term success.' This month we are pleased to release four lectures from the World Symposium program.

Benefit from Daniel Buser's 25 years of clinical experience with bone augmentation techniques by viewing Regenerative Implant Outcomes. This lecture focuses on two local bone augmentation techniques - guided bone regeneration (GBR) and sinus floor elevation (SFE) - using a combination of locally harvested autogenous bone chips and bone substitutes.

In Implant Surgery: Key Factors for Future Innovations and Success, Vivianne Chappuis covers a variety of new methods that have the potential to provide patients with predictable esthetics, stable peri-implant bone levels, and a functional prosthesis from a long-term perspective.

Reflecting 25 years of evolution in endosseous dental implants, David Cochran presents Implant Characteristics: Materials, Surfaces, Design. How do the biological tissues respond to different variations? How should the clinician decide which implant material or surface to use? Does one component design result in greater tissue loss than others? This lecture presents the ‘state of the art' in regard to implant materials, surface characteristics, and component designs.

In Digital Management of Edentulous Patients, Steven Eckert identifies current and potential future uses for digital techniques in the management of edentulous patients. This presentation outlines reasons to embrace digital techniques; situations in which digital procedures may provide few benefits are also discussed.

ITI Online Academy - An Overview
Watch the Congress Lecture below to get useful information about the principles and features of the ITI Online Academy, the ITI's latest and most innovative education project to date:
ITI President David Cochran and Online Academy Senior Editor Charlotte Stilwell introduce you to our groundbreaking new education offer - a key part of the ITI's vision to become the globally leading academic provider of evidence-based education in implant dentistry.
They show how the Online Academy is the digital evolution of the Treatment Guide concept by combining didactic knowledge with practical examples. They also demonstrate the many free services available - underpinning ITI's goal of dissemination of knowledge, and show how the Online Academy is both an interactive format and an intelligent tool that partners with you to maximize your gains in knowledge and skills.
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