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With all of the interest in CBCT imaging, it is easy to overlook the techniques that have formed the backbone of diagnostic imaging in the not-so-distant past. Our new Learning Pathway this month concentrates on these more traditional radiographic techniques and shows that they remain very valuable tools for implant dentistry.


New Learning Pathway

In implant dentistry, diagnostic imaging serves two main purposes: to establish a diagnosis and to aid in surgical treatment planning. 2D Radiography provides a brief overview of the role of diagnostic radiography as well as the available options for two-dimensional imaging.


New Congress Lectures

Two new lectures address biological complications in implant dentistry: Are They Predictable? is a topic addressed by Claude Chaanine, while Stephen Chen discusses the Diagnosis and Management of Risk Factors. A related lecture from Bernard Alliot covers the Management of Periodontally-Compromised Patients during implant therapy.


Free Item of the Month

Managing Biological Complications by Lisa Heitz-Mayfield takes you step-by-step through the process of diagnosing and treating peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. This Learning Module also covers strategies to resolve infection and prevent its recurrence.

This module is available to you at no charge until the end of September.




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