Consensus Database

Once every 5 years, the ITI organizes a Consensus Conference to review the dental literature on topical areas in implantology. The aim of the Consensus Conferences is to provide implant professionals worldwide with high-level, evidence-based and peer-reviewed information for the predictable application of treatment concepts.

After the selection of topics, Group Leads and Reviewer Groups are appointed to conduct a systematic literature search and to select their findings according to different levels of evidence. The findings are subsequently collected in Review Papers and summarized as Consensus Statements and Clinical Recommendations presented in plenary sessions at the Consensus Conference for final agreement and approval.

In this free database you can find the Statements and Clinical Recommendations of the following ITI Consensus Conferences:

  • Third ITI Consensus Conference, August 2003, Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Fourth ITI Consensus Conference, August 2008, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Fifth ITI Consensus Conference, April 2013, Bern, Switzerland
  • Sixth ITI Consensus Conference, April 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands