Early Implant Placement
Learning Pathway
Introduction to Implant Dentistry

The clinician is in a unique position to be able to prescribe the time for implant placement following tooth extraction in order to maximize the advantages and to achieve successful long-term outcomes. This Learning Pathway explores early implant placement with soft tissue healing and/or partial bone healing (Type 2 and Type 3 placements according to the ITI classification of placement protocols).

On completion of this Learning Pathway you should be able to...

  • define Type 2 and Type 3 early implant placement time points
  • list advantages and disadvantages of both time points
  • describe the advantages of minimally traumatic extraction techniques
  • employ the Esthetic Risk Assessment when creating a patient’s risk profile
  • recognize guided bone regenerations (GBR) techniques used in conjunction with Type 2 and Type 3 implant placements  
Theory & Principles
Minimally Traumatic Extraction Techniques
Learning Module
Eduardo R Lorenzana
Healing of the Extraction Socket
Learning Module
Nikos Mardas
Timing of Implant Placement after Tooth Extraction
Learning Module
Stephen T Chen
Esthetic Risk Assessment
Learning Module
William Christopher Martin
Esthetic Outcomes following Immediate and Early Implant Placement in the Anterior Maxilla
Consensus Statement
Implant Placement and Loading Protocols
Consensus Statement
Implants in Postextraction Sites
Consensus Statement
Placement of Implants in Extraction Sockets
Consensus Statement
How to Use GBR in Implant Patients
Congress Lecture
Daniel Buser
Implant Placement after Tooth Extraction – Selecting the Optimal Time
Congress Lecture
Stephen T Chen
Pre-treatment Analysis to Maximize the Longevity of Treatment Outcomes in the Esthetic Zone
Congress Lecture
William Christopher Martin
Clinical Applications
Early Implant Placement with GBR using DBBM
Clinical Video
Stephen T Chen
Replacement of Two Central Incisors with Non-Splinted Crowns on Bone-Level Implants
Clinical Case
Urs C Belser, Daniel Buser
Classification Tags
Anatomy & Biological Principles
Assessment & Diagnosis
Bone Formation
Bone Management
Bone Remodeling
Early Placement with Bone Healing
Early Placement with Soft Tissue Healing
Esthetic Complications
Esthetic Risk Assessment
Introduction to Implant Dentistry
Placement Protocols
Ridge Preservation
Risk Assessment
Risk Factors
SAC Classification
Site Risk Assessment
Tooth Extraction
Wound Healing