Soft Tissue Considerations in Implant-based Maxillofacial Reconstruction
Congress Lecture
Surgical Planning and Procedures

In patients with reconstructed jaws, implant-supported overdentures improve quality of life and mastication, although the peri-implant tissues differ from those of unreconstructed jaws. This lecture outlines these differences and presents the techniques used to provide adequate peri-implant soft tissue in reconstructed jaws: split thickness skin grafts, palatal mucosal grafts, pedicled palatal connective tissue grafts and denture-guided epithelial regeneration.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • explain the rationale for implant-supported rehabilitation in reconstructed jaws
  • discuss problems associated with soft tissue in reconstructed jaws
  • classify peri-implant soft tissues in reconstructed jaws
  • explain the management of peri-implant soft tissues in reconstructed jaws
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ITI Online Academy Recordings, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018
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Congress Lecture
Peri-Implant Mucosa
Soft Tissue Grafting
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Surgical Planning & Procedures
Publication date: April 04, 2019 | Review date: March 28, 2019 | Next review date: March 28, 2022
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