The Role of Transitional Prostheses in Implant Therapy
Speaker: Vedrana Braut
Congress Lecture
Prosthodontic Planning and Procedures
Transitional prostheses play an important role in replacing missing teeth during implant therapy, both before and after implant placement. This lecture is a concise review of the different types of transitional tooth replacements - removable and fixed - as well as a guide to the roles they play in diagnosis and soft tissue management. By outlining the indications, advantages and disadvantages of each, this presentation also serves as an aid to clinical decision-making. 
At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to...
  • discuss the indications for transitional prostheses
  • explain the advantages and disadvantages of fixed and removable transitional prostheses
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0.2 Credit hours/points
ITI Online Academy Recordings, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2018
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Assessment & Diagnosis
Congress Lecture
Prosthesis Design
Prosthodontic Planning & Procedures
Provisional Prostheses
Publication date: March 01, 2019 | Review date: February 22, 2019 | Next review date: February 22, 2022
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