A key principle of the ITI Online Academy is to offer you maximum freedom with regard to which content you choose to extend and deepen your knowledge in implant dentistry. You are free to add any educational formats to your library that are of interest to you by browsing the "Theory & Principles" and "Clinical Applications" areas of our site.

However, it is a common problem in education that learners are often not aware of their knowledge gaps and what is best-suited to fill them. To provide guidance about what topics could be relevant for you the ITI Online Academy offers Learning Pathways.

Learning Pathways are self-instructional content clusters that comprehensively explain and illustrate implant dentistry topics by combining the relevant theoretical knowledge with examples from clinical practice.

Establishing content for complete Learning Pathways is a time-consuming endeavor. Thus, only a limited number of Learning Pathways are initially available but their number will steadily grow as the ITI Online Academy broadens its content scope.

Click on the image to get a comprehensive overview of the full Pathway Map of the ITI Online Academy.