It is a common problem in education that learners are often not aware of their knowledge gaps. In order to help you identify the content that is relevant to you the ITI Online Academy offers you the unique feature of free self-assessment in any subject area of the implant curriculum. Please note that the range of Assessments provided here is not yet complete and will be continuously expanded as the content scope of the ITI Online Academy grows.

  • Use the dropdown menu in the grey bar above to show all Assessments or limit the results to a specific curriculum domain.

  • Click on classification criteria on the right side of the screen to display a selection of Assessments that match your choice. You can combine as many criteria as you want.

  • To search the text database, enter your search query in the corresponding field in the grey bar on the far right.

Please note: Some of the Assessments contain questions that require specific knowledge of reference frameworks such as the ITI SAC classification system.