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Suturing Materials and Techniques

Aileen Bell

Dental implant treatment requires a surgical procedure to place the implant, and very often it involves additional surgical procedures such as tooth extraction and bone augmentation.

Each procedure creates a wound. For optimal healing, surgical flaps - and often other surgical wounds - must be properly closed with sutures.

Satisfactory closure of surgical wounds and flaps promotes healing and reduces complications such as wound breakdown, dehiscence, and infection.

This module will present the appropriate materials and proper techniques for suturing that contribute to a successful outcome, as well as the improper techniques that can lead to potential complications.

After completing this ITI Academy Module, you should be able to…

  • describe the different instruments and materials for suturing
  • describe the principles and basic techniques for suturing
  • explain the association between improper suturing and complications
Merete Aaboe , Charlotte Stilwell
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Suturing Materials and Techniques
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