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Site-Specific Clinical Examination

Shakeel Shahdad

A thorough history and clinical examination are essential when planning to replace teeth with dental implants.

Prior to surgery, both clinical and radiographic site-specific assessments must be carefully conducted. These assessments will provide the information required to formulate a detailed and individually tailored treatment plan that is likely to meet the realistic expectations of the patient.

Therefore, a comprehensive examination is mandatory to anticipate any complications that may result from the treatment. In this module, we will discuss the recommended site-specific examinations and their relevance to patients who may be considering replacement of a tooth or teeth with dental implants.

The site-specific assessments that will be discussed in this module are the restorative space and its characteristics, anatomical factors, and hard and soft tissue including any pathoses in the area.

After completing this ITI Academy Module, you should be able to…

  • assess the restorative space and its characteristics
  • assess the relevant anatomical factors
  • assess the hard and soft tissue
  • select the appropriate assessment tools and techniques
Stephen T Chen , Charlotte Stilwell
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Site-Specific Clinical Examination
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