Congress Lecture

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Introduction to Implant Dentistry

Tissue Stability around Implants

Waldemar Daudt Polido

This presentation conducts the audience through the various factors that may influence soft tissue stability. Hard and soft tissue reconstruction and prosthesis design are all presented in detail. Special attention is given to the timing of implant placement and the risks associated. All parameters are explained clearly through theory, clinical case applications, and evidence-based literature. This lecture also considers the relationship between materials, techniques, biological rules, and expected results.

At the end of this Congress Lecture you should be able to…

  • list factors that may influence tissue stability around dental implants
  • recognize clinical situations where there is a greater risk for reduced tissue stability
  • recommend procedures that may improve tissue stability after placement of implant-supported prostheses
52 minutes
ITI Congress Greece & Cyprus 2015
0.87 hours
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