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Surgical Planning and Procedures

Case Presentation: Root Submergence for Alveolar Bone Preservation

Howard Lewis Gluckman

The loss of bundle bone and the buccal plate, following tooth extraction, is a major factor in the loss of the bucco-palatal and vertical dimension of the alveolus. Nowhere is it more important than in the aesthetic zone where the loss of the bone will lead to a poor aesthetic outcome. The loss of multiple teeth in the aesthetic zone can result in an even greater challenge due to collapse of the papillae.

The root submergence technique is an established technique to prevent the edentulous ridge from resorbing. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate the root submergence technique with a step-by-step protocol. The case presentation shows that this treatment modality can prevent collapse of the alveolar ridge and limit the loss of papillae height to achieve good esthetic results in patients with high demands.

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ITI Congress Southern Africa 2013
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